I’ve always been a fairly robust person but frustratingly my body composition never reflected this. As far back as I can remember I struggled with fat loss. I tried everything from Atkins to the infamous cabbage soup diet. Nothing worked. Then I came across Jeff and Stu’s “That Guy” video which documents a middle-aged man’s journey from overweight to placing in a bodybuilding contest. I wanted that!

Although, Stu’s transformation was astounding, it was his honesty about the challenge and the underlying simple principles that struck a chord.  I contacted Jeff and set out, under his guidance, to compete in a bodybuilding contest 6 months later.  Jeff put together a detailed nutrition plan for me complete with a resistance training and cardio program.  The plan, to be reviewed and updated every few weeks, came with the promise that, if I applied these sound principles with excellence, “do A, do B, do C” we’d be competitive.  A dream!

Jeff did all the thinking for me, all I had to do was “execute the plan”.  It wasn’t easy, but every step of the way Jeff was there counseling me.  Thanks to Jeff I was successful reaching my goal of competing, netting a six-pack I always wanted, but also vastly improved my health on the way.  Before I met Jeff, I thought age was catching up with me – now I realize, I was simply out of shape.

To paraphrase Jeff: Do A, do B, do C – after that, what else is there?

Thanks Jeff!

Ira Bell