I contacted Jeff after I watched the ‘I Want To Look Like That Guy’ video in November 2015. After being fairly athletic and strong earlier in life, a job change resulted in rapid weight gain due to sitting at a desk for three months of training. To say I was out of shape would be an understatement. And I wasn't happy about things either. Jeff asked me a series of questions and came back with a plan that took into account where I was and where I wanted to be.

So after having our body compositions tested in the middle of November 2015, I was about 233 pounds at 35% body fat or thereabouts. Two days before our trip to Vegas in May 2016 I weighed 188 pounds at 18.9% body fat. I was pretty happy to say the least. So how did this get done? The plan was actually pretty easy. Jeff lays everything out for you from nutrition to weights to cardio. All it takes to succeed is for you to bring the willingness to execute the plan. And then to stick with it until you hit whatever your particular goals are. The most crucial piece of the plan is the reason or goal as to why you would do this. Whatever that reason is...solidify that vision in your mind. It will propel you forward as you work Jeff's plan. Don't let the simplicity of the plan fool you. It's often said that the best solutions are the simplest of things. As Jeff says all the time, trends of activity over time will produce excellent results.

This simple plan executed over a period of time will produce amazing results for you. Tina and I continue to work with Jeff because his plan is simple and it's very effective. The workouts are short and intense and the nutrition plan can be fit into any schedule. If the plan was difficult or very involved, we wouldn't have made it this far. Tina and I are both very busy with careers and family and other outside activities. We were able to incorporate the plan into our lives and its habit now. All I can say is I wish I had started working with Jeff years ago. I look forward to seeing you report your successes with the program on the forum at jeffwilletpremium.com.

Sean Duffy