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The most famous transformation can be seen in the internationally acclaimed documentary "I Want to Look Like That Guy" and the recent "Sequel" to the original film.


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This is a video of my body composition results after 23 weeks of coaching, workouts, education and nutrition. I honestly couldn't have done it without the help of Jeff Willet, a true Olympian athlete and Team Universe Overall Bodybuilding Champion.

- Stuart MacDonald

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I’ve always been a fairly robust person but frustratingly my body composition never reflected this. As far back as I can remember I struggled with fat loss. I tried everything from Atkins to the infamous cabbage soup diet. Nothing worked. Then I came across Jeff and Stu’s “That Guy” video which documents a middle-aged man’s journey from overweight to placing in a bodybuilding contest. I wanted that! Read more

Ira Bell

Fit, lean, strong, athletic. Those are words I always wanted to use to describe myself. While at times throughout my life, these words proved true, most times, they didn’t. The yo-yo swing of gaining weight became an inevitable outcome each time I achieved a weight loss goal. Read more

Tina Sharp

I contacted Jeff after I watched the ‘I Want To Look Like That Guy’ video in November 2015. After being fairly athletic and strong earlier in life, a job change resulted in rapid weight gain due to sitting at a desk for three months of training. To say I was out of shape would be an understatement. And I wasn’t happy about things either. Jeff asked me a series of questions and came back with a plan that took into account where I was and where I wanted to be. Read more

Sean Duffy

I’ve been competing in bodybuilding shows for 30 years and it is only now that I am getting into this kind of shape thanks to Jeff. The feedback from those who’ve seen me compete in the past was unanimous……I am in the very best condition of my life. Read more

Shane Gesbeck

http://www.jeffwilletpremium.com is a great place to get the correct information to achieve our personal goals. Jeff is a great mentor and coach that has helped me get to the peak physical shape I have always dreamed of. Read more

Alon Halili

http://www.jeffwilletpremium.com is not only an archive of useful fitness information. It’s a living community with weekly video podcasts that keeps my enthusiasm kindled after the monotony of perpetual gym sessions sets in. Read more

M Kuraja

Watched the episodes of “I Want to Look Like That Guy The Sequel” that follows Stu’s journey.. Absolutely loved it! Read more

Daniel Wait

Jeff has been great. He has been able to answer all of the questions that I noted down, and has created a clear and simple plan for me to execute based on my current time constraints (juggling work and travel). The best part is that Jeff has so much experience, so he can validate that I’m on the right track, determine whether I am executing correctly, and hold me accountable to my program. Read more

Michael Hinds

When I tried on my own to lose weight I was unsure when, and how to make the changes needed to succeed. Jeff was able to take out all the guessing and I was able to meet my goals. That is why I give Jeff the credit for my success, without his assistance, I would not have made it this far. I now have new goals and will continue to work with Jeff. Keep it simple! Read more

Raymond Plumley


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